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Tips & Advice for Dressing up your Farm Tables

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Farm tables have been incredibly popular over the last 5+ years and they give your wedding reception an upscale, rustic style. The beauty of farm tables is you can really dress them up to the nines or you can keep it simple and minimal and they still look amazing! Classic New England.

Farm tables are a bit different than a round table, so you do want to keep in mind that the space you are adorning with florals and/or candles, is completely different than a traditional round table. So often times it can be more costly to add arrangements to farm tables. Logistically, you are designing a longer more narrow space. Round tables provide a slightly smaller area to decorate, so for example if you are designing cute little bud vases on a round table, you can get away with a small grouping of 4-5 bud vases. But a farm table, usually requires at least 7-10 bud vases. Another example is candles, we often see a grouping of 3-4 cylinder vases with floating or pillar candles on a round table, but that looks too minimal on a farm table, since you are extending your tables approximately 8 feet. We typically suggest a minimum of 6-8 per farm table, but have done as many 30+.

Farm tables are an excellent choice for a long dramatic head table that will be the center of the room, with round tables around the guests. Their linear style can really pull a room together. So if you are designing your table layouts and really love farm tables, think about incorporating them into your head table and really make that pop, while doing a simpler option candle or bud vase option for the surrounding tables.

So our advice for farm tables, talk to your florist about different options. Centerpieces are a very large part of your floral budget and they also create the atmosphere in your reception. There are always ways to manipulate the florals and design that will give you a beautiful style and give you the dream wedding that you have been looking for! XOXO – Meredith

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